Base Assumptions

  • All schools are Fort Bend ISD schools.  We are not here as “Sienna”, but rather as concerned Fort Bend citizens living in the Ridge Point feeder pattern.
  • Utilization should not exceed 90% at any single campus to maintain optimal learning environments and to allow for growth
  • Growth in the Ridge Point feeder pattern is already understated by at least 20% comparing 2018 estimates (created in 2014) to actual enrollment today.
  • Additional elementary, middle, and high school capacity in the Hightower/Ridge Point zone was identified by the district Steering Committee as early as 2014 and has yet to be actioned due to 1-5 year planning cycles.  This is too short a vision for high growth areas.
  • Feeder pattern work and consultant spend from previous cycles should not be wasted.
  • Support for a fiscally conscious bond would be attainable if a long-term plan is in place and followed.  Procuring land for schools when it becomes more scarce adds to the cost.
  • If all else fails, wear Green, wear Purple – Be Proud!


Elementary School Recommendations

Consistent with community wide feedback we respectfully request students carved out to fill Heritage Rose from the Burton Zone (approximately 280 kids) be rezoned back to Burton and proceed through that feeder pattern.  This reduces transportation costs and the original reason for rezoning no longer exists.  This preserves Highway 6 as a natural boundary and provides relief to Heritage Rose.

We agree with the district Steering Committee recommendation that two new elementary schools will need to be added to the area.  Location of the schools should be carefully considered and may include an area in Sienna South, near FM 521, or near Hwy 6 depending on future growth and land availability.

Priority should be placed on a Leonetti addition to be completed by 2021 to be at 1,000 capacity (similar to other schools in the feeder pattern).

Maintain capacity at Sienna Crossing via portables until additional elementary capacity comes online to relieve Sienna Crossing. 

Continued District support for safety near our elementary schools.


Middle School Recommendations

Begin planning and construction for Middle School on site at Heritage Rose immediately, using land the district had purchased for just this reason.  To reduce cost, we recommend using the blueprint from Thornton Middle School (1,200 students).  This capacity would be used as a 9th grade campus for Ridge Point until such time that the middle school capacity is needed due to the new elementary schools being proposed above and new high school capacity is available. 

Again, respect Highway 6 as a hard boundary and send non-GT Quail Valleystudents to Missouri City Middle School.  This will put them in a feeder pattern to an underutilized high school campus and create space at Elkins for future Riverstone growth.  Quail Valley should be repurposed to a full GT campus which would allow for adequate programming for the needs of district wide GT middle schoolers rather than an arbitrary lottery that only serves the needs of a few.

Current students student from the Schiff zone entering 7th or 8th grade for the 2019-2020 at First Colony Middle School should have the choice as to whether to remain at FCMS and on to Elkins HS to preserve relationships made in middle school.

Lake Olympia Middle School should be used as an administrative building to support transportation and Lake Olympia students (approximately 85% of which are currently bused in from Fresno) should be zoned to a new middle school built in the Hightower feeder pattern.  This puts these students closer to their homes and helps create a community based middle school.

Build a new middle school in the Hightower feeder pattern as described above.


High School Recommendations

Cap enrollment at Ridge Point HS to students currently enrolled at Baines or First Colony beginning in 2018-2019 school year to maintain utilization below the Board mandated 120% and address safety and security concerns with severely overcrowded common areas.

Engineering Academy should be moved to an underutilized campus to provide relief at Elkins.

Additional growth in the high-growth Ridge Point/Hightower and Aliana zones require a longer-term strategy than the more mature areas of the district.   Fiscal conservatism states land should be bought before prices and location are at a premium.

An additional high school for the area should be built in Sienna South or the 521 corridor prior to the 2023-2024 school year.  Without additional high school capacity all current Hightower students (even those within a 2 mile radius) would need to be bussed to Willowridge.  Then Willowridge would be further displaced to Marshall.  This violates multiple Board policies around transportation, desire for clean feeder patterns, and the maintaining neighborhood concept.

To support additional community spirit and foster athletic development on the east side of the district some consideration should be given to adding an additional Natatorium.

District support is being asked for the traffic lights and additional pedestrian safety near Ridge Point.