Fox 26 Coverage of BOT Meeting

FORT BEND, Texas (FOX 26) - Fort Bend ISD held a board workshop where they presented a draft of their facilities master plan. The plan is to address overcrowding and rezoning, something that has struck a nerve with many parents in the district who feel the changes will have a great impact on students of all grade levels who live in the Ridge Point Feeder Pattern.

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“In our zone we’ve experienced overcrowded schools for more than 10 years, and we have been asking the district for a long-term solution and a long-term plan for at least five years and we’re not getting it and it looks like through this process again they’re going to keep giving us short term Band-Aid solutions,” Kathy Hopkins says.

Parents are concerned that moving their children around and placing them in an overcrowded school will cause problems with their academics and social experience. Angela Akle, mother of four, already had her children rezoned from Commonwealth to Sullivan. She fears they will be rezoned again.

“So you’re uprooting that child from their second home to a new environment a completely new environment with a whole set of teachers, administration, friends,” Akle says.

Fort Bend ISD issued this statement saying, "Throughout this process, our community-based Steering Committee was asked to consider student enrollment projections over the next 10 years, facility conditions of school buildings District-wide, and current enrollment so that we can ensure effective utilization and the very best learning environments for the students of Fort Bend ISD for the foreseeable future."

But some parents feel advances forward with the plan are actually going backwards.

“There were schools built that just opened last fall and yet they’re already overcrowded. How can it be a master plan process when it’s so poorly planned?” said Rabi Gottipati in reference to one of the schools that just opened two years ago and is already at max capacity.

This issue is on the agenda for review for action at a future board meeting. Changes can still be made to the draft.