News Release for May 29, 2018 - RPHS Public Meeting & HHS, WHS, MHS Public Meeting



May 29, 2018

We are One: Eastside High School Communities Unite Against FBISD Proposals

FORT BEND COUNTY, TEXAS – Communities unite! Dissatisfied and frustrated with the FBISD administration and Board of Trustees’ plans for the growth and needs in the eastside of the district, four high school feeder patterns united last week to address issues head-on as a coalition. Representatives listened, shared and discussed individual school needs to mobilize as one with a loud voice under the Fort Bend Eastside Alliance (FBEA) banner. The FBEA is ready to work to ensure an inclusive five to 10 year plan for each feeder pattern is developed that takes into account facilities, programming and academic needs. 

FBISD’s current plan for the explosive growth within the Ridge Point feeder pattern is domino effect rezoning across the east portion of the district, pushing students out of their community schools and overpopulating schools where a lower enrollment is needed. Development in the Hightower area will further increase the strain on existing its capacity in the upcoming years. At the same time, student needs in the Willowridge and Marshall feeder patterns are on the backburner with little to no changes or investments made in much needed programming and resources. As voters, tax payers and a coalition, the FBEA will hold the administration and board of trustees accountable in their obligation to all students in the district. 

“We are fighting to keep Hightower a community school with our local children having access to seats,” said Geralynn Prince, Hightower parent. “The domino effects of rezoning will take our school away from us, filling it with students from the south. With the current growth in the area, in five years there won’t be a child from our community left in our school.” 

“We have been told that in the 2014 bond, FBISD allocated land study dollars to build a second high school as the consultant advised a need for more capacity by 2020,” explained Erin Miles, Ridge Point feeder pattern parent and Clements High School graduate. “Here we are in 2018 and to our knowledge no such study has taken place and we are still only considering land even though capacity is critical. We need action and a tangible plan for our children’s educational future.” 

"We endeavor to develop strong institutions of learning in the Willowridge feeder pattern and expect FBISD to invest equitably in every school,” said Willowridge feeder pattern parent Carleen Hodge. “Students in this corridor require specialized programming and wrap around services to meet their specific needs. We are asking for a commitment for resources to develop and enrich the academic performance of these area schools." 

“The district needs to realize that Marshall is a great community school,” explained Stephanie Brown, mother of three Marshall graduates and PTO president. “They need to focus on how to enhance what we have there without continuing to take away our resources and talk about repurposing our school. By adding more students and giving us the educational resources we need, Marshall can be exemplary.” 

The FBISD Administration has called two meetings this week to update communities on its Facility Master Plan. Parents from all FBEA communities plan to attend both, and invite the media to join us: 

Ridge Point Feeder Pattern
Tuesday, May 29 at 7:00 p.m.
Ridge Point High School
500 Waters Lake Boulevard 

Hightower, Marshall and Willowridge Feeder Patterns
Wednesday, May 30 at 7:00 p.m. 
Hightower High School
3333 Hurricane Lane 


For more information: Shannon Griffiths (FBEA and Ridge Point) 

Geralynn Prince (Hightower) 

Stephanie Brown (Marshall) 

David Sincere (Willowridge) 

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Jason Dobrolecki