FBISD No More Band Aids News Release for May 7 Board of Trustees Meeting

No More Band-Aids: FBISD Ridge Point Feeder Pattern Parents Demand District and Board Accountability with Long-Term Strategic Plan 

SIENNA PLANTATION, TEXAS - Parents within the Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) Ridge Point High School feeder pattern have had enough of the district’s band-aid approach to excessive overcrowding and constant rezoning in its community schools. Mobilizing under the No More Band-Aids mantra, 2,200 concerned citizens in the Sienna Plantation development, in conjunction with the Riverstone and Hightower High School communities, advocate the creation of a 10-year strategic plan to address growth and capacity within the area. Effectively, refusing to continue accepting the district’s traditional shuffle of students without consideration for future growth or students’ academic, social and emotional needs. 

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Jason Dobrolecki