Make Your Voice Heard to the Board

The evening of Friday, January 11, Superintendent Charles Dupre sent an email to the FBISD community announcing that the HS boundary recommendations and board action will be taken up a month earlier than they had scheduled. A recommendation was presented to the public with less than 72 hours until the board will consider the recommendation.

The recommendation includes removing the Schiff Elementary School from the RPHS feeder pattern. These students and families have been uprooted and rezoned every couple of years.  They’ve moved elementary schools, middle schools, and now they’re going to again move high schools. The continual movement of the Schiff community, and this time taking them out of the RPHS community and breaking the feeder pattern is another step in a long list of decisions that have created the instability in the Schiff community.  They deserve some sense of stability, and with the impending new high school in this area of the district, the Schiff community has more rezoning coming in the coming years.