Through no fault of this current board, we find ourselves behind the trend line.  Our schools across the county are in need of maintanence and capacity increases.  The past actions of kicking the can down the road and not passing bonds that adequitely address the need now put us in a positoin of playing catch up. An additional high school to address the growth of the next 10 years is desperately needed. 


In conjunction with a new high school, it is recognized that rezoning will be necessary to relieve capacity pressure at RPHS. The short term solution of rezoning can only be supported with a long term plan that includes bricks and mortar for a high school by including the money allocation in the November 2018 bond. 


It is fully realized that a new high school would more than likely not be within Sienna Plantation. We believe we would find ample support of this by Sienna Plantation residents. 

Time is Now

Looking at enrollment and capacity today is not an equitable comparison for need for a future high school.  The concern and need arises when looking out 5 years. With the trend line growth in the Sienna Plantation and 521 corridore, the student enrollment population increases can not be ignored.  There will be a need for a high school in 5 years, if not sooner.  The time required to pass a bond, acquire land, design a school and complete construction drives the need for the school to be included in THIS bond. Passing it in this bond will still put the high school on track to be opened in the 2023-24 school year. Waiting for the next bond cycle would put the high school on a projected timeline that would far surprass the timeline of when the school would be needed. 


Our Position:



We want to pursue a 10-year, long-term strategy to address long-term capacity shortfalls in elementary, middle and high schools within the Ridge Point feeder pattern. This long-range plan stands in contrast to the short-term, stop-gap Band-Aids that have been pursued in recent years, which must come to an end. #NoMoreBandAids



The Ridge Point zone has endured crowded conditions in its schools for many years, and the district continues to inadequately plan for the growth and needs of our students. The data used in the 2014 planning process underestimated the growth of this feeder pattern by 20%.



Zoning has been done and redone. We have portable buildings and new classroom additions and our schools are still overcrowded.


School Shuffling

Our students have been impacted for multiple years and many have been shuffled to different schools multiple times.


Domino Effect

The current domino effect district-wide re-zoning proposal also adversely impacts other zones, similarly breaking up their neighborhoods and communities.

The Ridge Point zone is a large and already diverse area that includes Sienna Plantation, Waterbrook, Silver Ridge, Creekmont and parts of Arcola, Fresno and Rosharon along the FM 521 corridor.

It is conceded that a short-term plan is needed to address immediate concerns, but only with a long-term plan in place to address long-term needs. A 10-year plan for future elementary, middle and high school growth in our area that addresses current high school overcrowding and future middle and elementary overcrowding is necessary.


These steps are needed to ensure the Ridge Point community is able to:

  • maintain the neighborhood concept and sense of community that it has worked hard to establish.
  • have less crowded learning environments.
  • have school capacity planned and available in lock-step with student population growth.
  • maintain the high level of diversity already present in our schools.
  • keep teen drivers safe by maintaining a safe commute to school that does not include crossing major highways and thoroughfares.
  • relieve the crowding that is a major safety and security concern at several schools.

Impact By School

What does this mean to you?  With all of the schools and zones in the Ridge Point feeder pattern, everyone is understandably concerned about what these plans mean to them. Here's some highlights by school of what those students are already experiencing and how this solution will impact them. 



  • Schiff Elementary has endured severe over crowding in its short history. 
  • You've already had a 10-room addition.
  • Students have been shuffled to FCMS and have been sent out of the feed pattern for 6 years. Parents report that they have a challenge when coming back in with adjusting to high school at RPHS because they get overwhelmed by those coming from Baines.

Heritage Rose

  • This population was shuffled around Sienna Plantation elementary schools for years before the school opened.
  • School is crowded now and will only get much worse.

Sienna Crossing

  • Despite addition opening this year, school is still too crowded and portables are still in use
  • School population will continue to grow, relief will be needed in five years as school reaches 1,228 students.


  • School has just opened and if the growth has not been underestimated as has previously occurred, it will be overcrowded in just five years.

Scanlan Oaks

  • Growth in Sienna South and the 521 corridor will eventually require some of these students to be zoned out of the Thornton and RPHS zones.


  • These students continue to learn in an overcrowded environment after having come from overcrowded elementary schools.
  • Many have never been in a school that was not overcrowded.
  • Under district re-zone Option 1, Baines will continue to have splits to RPHS and HTHS, until growth forces all of Baines to HTHS within five years.


  • School was built too small for the expected growth. It will be well over capacity just five years after opening. Some Scanlan Oaks students will likely get pushed out during the five to ten year window.
  • Proposal to increase capacity by modifying the “21st Century Learning Areas” for the school was designed and built for is a backwards step.

Ridge Point

  • School is already severely overcrowded and will likely be at 120% by the upcoming 2018-19 school year.
  • Serious safety and security concerns with movement of students during class change times even with school below 120% capacity
  • School already has temporary portable classrooms and more are to be added.
  • By 2022, expected to have 3,477 students in a building designed for 2,505. This will grow to over 4,300 by 2027.


  • Under a domino effect re-zoning scheme, much of the current Hightower community would be pushed out by the overflow from RPHS. This violates current board policy.
  • Academies would need to be moved to another school.
  • There is new home construction in this feeder pattern that may not be accounted for in the forecasts.

Get Involved

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