Welcome to the Fort Bend Eastside Alliance

We're a group of representatives from Hightower High, Ridge Point and Willowridge High School feeder patterns. We've come together to ensure there's sufficient representation and advocacy for the needs of the entire eastside of Fort Bend county, including all communities surrounding Hightower, Marshall, Ridge Point and Willowridge High Schools.



FBISD Board of Trustees

Kristin K. Tassin | kristin.tassin@fortbendisd.com
Jason Burdine | jason.burdine@fortbendisd.com
Addie Heyliger | addie.heyliger@fortbendisd.com
Grayle Jame | grayle.james@fortbendisd.com
Jim Rice | jim.rice@fortbendisd.com
KP George | kp.george@fortbendisd.com
Dave Rosenthal | dave.rosenthal@fortbendisd.com 

FBISD Executive Leadership

Charles D. Dupre, ED.D | charles.dupre@fortbendisd.com
Beth Martinez | beth.martinez@fortbendisd.com


Fort Bend Eastside Alliance Letter or Email

updated 5/25/18


Dear FBISD Board of Trustees and Administration,

Times are changing within the FBISD boundaries. Sleeping constituents are waking up and raising a voice that will be heard. Not one voice, but the voice of many.

Communities on the eastside of FBISD are no longer divided. No longer working and advocating in isolation. No longer fighting for our children alone. We are the Fort Bend Eastside Alliance and we are together.

Representatives from the Hightower, Marshall, Ridge Point and Willowridge feeder patterns and their respective communities have joined together to ensure ALL students and schools on this side of the district are treated equally, fairly and with the respect and consideration they are due. We deserve and expect equal attention to what is consistently given to the needs of the west, and no longer accept the political influence of those in other constituencies who overshadow us.

Our school is very different than the others. We have specific demographics, needs, growth and programming requirements that make us unique. As a community we will continue to advocate for our students and school individually and you will hear from us on the issues at hand. But today, and going forward, we are a force to be reckoned with. Four communities. Four schools, but ONE voice. We all have a stake in one another’s success, and frankly, truly care about the education delivered to all students within the district.

As a united front, we look forward to meeting with Mr. Dupre, the administration and Board of Trustees at BOTH meetings next week. Our community members have submitted a vast number of questions via the Let’s Talk that we look forward to having them answered by you.

As a concerned parent, and a member of the Alliance, I look forward to working with you to develop a long-term vision and bond proposal that meets the needs of ALL schools – including those on the eastside.